Caffeinated Simpleton


This is the weblog of Justin Tulloss.

I am a software developer that dabbles in many areas of computing. I've done a bit of kernel and low level driver work in the past, but now I mostly concern myself with writing software that makes me happy. My favorite languages are JavaScript, C, and Python.

Besides developing software, I sometimes think about other things. In particular, economics and politics. I'm a libertarian most of the time, and I hope that's reflected in my writing.

My blog is on the server because I co-founded with Brian Smith. We've moved on to other things since then, but feel free to visit anyway at

Since harmonize, I worked for a couple years at Palm on their Mojo JavaScript application framework. Now I'm at Rdio, trying to finish what I started at harmonize.

If you really need to get ahold of me, email me at gmail. The name is justin.tulloss.